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workshops & seminars



Design & build your own world (2)-

ideal room or classroom



by Elsa Chryssochoides  


Creative workshop for children 7-13 years old


The workshop applies to children  who want to develop their creative talent, their compositional skills, their three-dimensional perception and their imagination and become familiar with spatial concepts and simple geometric forms, by playing and making collective constructions.


Statistical Analysis in Practice

by Theodoros Papaioannou

Seminar series on the statistical analysis of data in practice (research methodology, design and development of databases, data entry and processing, how to make statistical hypothesis, selection of proper statistical tests for different hypotheses, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, optimization of results presentation).


In the kitchen...  


by "les gnous"



Creative workshop for children 3-5 years old


An audio/visual experience for kids ...  


Photo - history  


by  E.Tzavara-A. Vrakatseli  

Creative workshop for children 12-14 years old




Music Technology  


by  A. Vrakatseli  

Creative workshop for children 11-14

& 15-17 years old




"My own T-shirt"  


painting on fabric


by V. Priovolou


Creative workshop for children  


Music Improvasation  



by V. Tzavaras


Creative workshop for children 11-14 & 15-17 years old 


"I have something to tell you..."  



by Hara Giannakopoulou 


Workshop on creative writing

for parents of any age


3 seminars on

Art  & Culture     



by Eva Kekou


for adults


History of art


Introductory seminar on art and culture designed for young participants

(7-14 year old)




Instuctor : Eva Kekou



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