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Statistical Analysis in Practice

by Theodoros Papaioannou

Seminar series on the statistical analysis of data in practice.




 October / December 2015,  

 Cost :          


Contact: I. Giannakopoulou(





The main objectives of the seminars are the understanding of basic principles and their application regarding:


  • Research methodology and design

  • Design of questionnaires

  • Design and development of databases

  • Data entry and processing using statistical software (SPSS)

  • How to make statistical hypothesis

  • Selection of proper statistical tests for different hypotheses

  • Statistical analysis of qualitative and quantitative data

  • Evaluation and presentation of statistical results


After the completion of seminars the attendees will have comprehended the main statistical principles and more importantly will be able to design research protocols and questionnaires, construct databases, formulate statistical hypotheses, chose the proper statistical test, process data and perform statistical analysis in SPSS, explain and present properly the statistical results.


The Seminars are offered to under- and post-graduate students, researchers, professionals who manage and analyzed data.


The series of the Seminars consist of several separate independent seminars, each lasting 4 hours. 


The cost of a single 4-hour seminar is listed in the       . For each additional seminar there is a 10% discount in the registration fee.


At the end of each seminar a certificate will be provided to each trainee. 





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