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open calls / residency

Open call: 


open CENTER FOR ARTS SCIENCE & EDUCATION - open C.A.S.E. 303 announces an  open call for the A.S.E. PROJECT RESIDENCY PROGRAMME during 2015. 


A residency for an exchange of ideas between an artist and a researcher in science.


We are looking for artists and scientists to be part of an exchange between art and research in science. The exchange is part of a running project called A.S.E. PROJECT (Art, Science & Education Project), that wishes to bring together artists and scientists in order to interact, to co-exist side by side, to exchange ideas & experiences, to experiment on new concepts and share them with the public.

We are looking for an artist who has an open and curious attitude to science and research and the ability to incorporate influences from the exchange in his/her artistic work. And at the same time, a researcher/scientist oriented in giving his/her work an artistic spirit in order to create a dialogue with the public.  


Two applicants (one artist & one researcher in science)– in a joint application - will be selected for 2015 residency at open C.A.S.E 303.


The common project will be presented in a two-person show at open C.A.S.E. 303’s premises at the end of the time of residency in an Open Studio event that is free and open to the public. A distinguished curator selected to fit the theme and final deliverables of the project will be invited to comment on the process and the results of the project.




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