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workshops & seminars


by Kostas Mountzouris


For children and adults




Introduction to the art of mosaic from the Greco-Roman and Byzantine periods to the later tradition, through both theoretical lessons and hands on training from the very first day.




For GR, IT, EN speaking

For children and adults


Introduction to the art of free improvisation outlining the basic elements of music: dynamics, form, melody, rhythm and group work with improvisation exercises and real-time composition. For children and adults.

Free Improvisation (music)

by Vassilis Tzavaras


Statistical Analysis in Practice

by Theodoros Papaioannou

Seminar series on the statistical analysis of data in practice (research methodology, design and development of databases, data entry and processing, how to make statistical hypothesis, selection of proper statistical tests for different hypotheses, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, optimization of results presentation).


Introduction to the arts of illustration, cartooning, editorial cartooning and comic

by Vasilis Papageorgiou

For children and adults


Four discrete workshops on illustration, cartooning, editorial cartooning and comic for children and adult beginners: 

Themes, concepts, concept development and drawing techniques  



The art of illustration

For children 11-15 years old    


The art of cartooning

For children 10+ years old      


The art of editorial cartooning

For adults (18+ years old)      


The art of comic

For adults (18+ years old)      



At the end of the courses artworks will be exhibited at open C.A.S.E. 303



Construction and puppet animation

by Eva Nikiforou

A month full of puppets! A series of 4 workshops will introduce children into the puppets’ world.


For children 6-10 years old









Drawing workshops for elementary school children

by Marina Sarmatzi




For children 6-12 years old


The workshops aim to introduce children to the visual arts.

At first children will get familiar with simple materials and techniques and gradually through experimentation, games and enjoyable exercises will develop their skills.  






Young literatures

by Zefi Syrivli  



For children 5-9 years old



Reading club for young authors...


Reading of a book can make children learn, overcome their fears, be entertained, and socialized. The “Young literatures” workshop aims to all the above and above all… the children to love reading through fun activities and craftworks. 






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