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Afroditi Papadouli

Chrys Roboras

Sophia Kyriakou

Konstantinos Mantzaris

Yannis Antonakeas

Caterina Drossopoulou





From 08.10.2015 to 31.10.2015 


Opening Thursday 08.10.2015  20:00   


Wednesday to Friday 18:00-21:00 

Saturday & Sunday 11:00-16:00




free entrance


Wine Sponsorship : Lykos wines 




Yannis Antonakeas, Caterina Drossopoulou, Sofia Kyriakou, Chrys Roboras, Konstantinos Mantzaris and Afrodite Papadouli are the artistic group "ars longa –vita brevis".


One can see both the relation between the urban landscape and the human being, as well as the relation between the person and the nature; which is  most prevailing and fascinating.

The cryptic atmosphere of Yannis Antonakeas , the expressionistic brushwork in Drossopoulou’s paintings, the ambiguity of Sofia Kyriakou, the quests of the inner self and the world outside in Chrys Roboras’ work, the sweet melancholy in Mantzaris’ photos and the refreshing abstraction in Afrodite Papadouli’s artwork  are impressions that will remain.


Ars longa –vita brevis is here to stay! 




Wine Sponsorship : Lykos wines 




Closing party  31.10.2015  20:00   

with Poplie radio


            free entrance


  Wine Sponsorship : GAIA winery 

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