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MEGALOPOLIS    Photography Exhibition

Markos Dolopikos  




Big cities we love or hate.

In this series of photos from big cities, the artist does not mention the places the photographs were taken, leaving the viewers to imagine the big city they would like to live or not to. The big city they have fallen for or they have hated.

The photos are presented in a way that the color and the sense of a big city are given but at the same time viewers are not placed in it.

Their imagination is free to create the place they would like to live.City - LondonIsolation and lonelinessThis series of black and white photos were shot in London, a little before or after dawn. They are photos with intense contrast and unnaturally big grain, which show the smoked and dull buildings of a big city. The existence of people in very few of them, depicts the isolation that the people feel in cities. Photos which bring in mind the novels of Charles Dickens with the descriptions of London of his time.

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