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 Maro Kozani 



From 03.12.2014 to 13.12.2014 


Opening Wednesday 03.12.2014  19:00   


Daily  12:00-21:00 







free entrance




"Flight is Hope" - "Η Φυγή γίνεται Ελπίδα" 



Maro Kozani holds everyday subject matter in high esteem and with it engages in sublime artistic dialogue that results in a harmonious medley of tones.

The colors she uses, whether vibrant or dark, suspended by Mediterranean light, are constantly enriched and reach fine points that unite visible light with the Eternal Light of Life.

In her paintings “Flight is Hope”, the atmospheric perspective becomes eloquent and agile in depicting landscapes dominated by aquatic scenes.  In these scenes the delicate brushstrokes find the ideal dimension for expression, having total control, ease and creativity of design in terms of conception, composition, and rendering of form.



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