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Music Technology

by Spyweirdos (Spyros Polychronopoulos)

New technologies in music production, room acoustics and psychoacoustics. Hands on training and lectures about sound’s physic and perception, the fundamental principals of digital filters, recording, live electronics, mixing and mastering.


No need for prior knowledge on the programs and theories


November 2013 – Sundays

Duration: 32 hours

Cost: 300 euros 

Contact person: Spyweirdos (



In the workshop, you will have the opportunity both to get acquainted with the new technologies in music production and to learn about room acoustics and psychoacoustics.


You will learn the fundamental principals of digital filters, recording, live electronics, mixing and mastering. Moreover, there will be lectures about the physic approach of the sound and the perception of the sound (hearing).


A laptop and headphones are needed in order to take part in the workshop.


All the programs and equipment that are to be used will be supplied by the supervisor. In case you have your own equipment feel free to bring it with you (i.e. field recorder, midi controller, musical instrument, synth, ipad, microphone etc.)




Spyros Polychronopoulos studied physics at the University of Patras and finishes his PhD on closed spaces acoustics in the department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics. His research field includes analyzing, processing and converting digital sound signals, measuring and analyzing sound-field noise, analog and digital filters for sound processing, sound products for professional installations, measuring the sound quality of sound signals, programming and simulating in FEM programs (Finite Elements Method), programming & networking, DSP (digital signal processing) and recording soundscapes. He composes contemporary electronic and orchestral music incorporating new technologies in his composition. He has performed in Greece, Germany, Italy, Australia, UK, France and released 12 lp albums with extensive international co-operations. Over the last 10 years he writes essays and teaches extensively topics related to sound production and engineering, theory of physics of sound, electronic music composition, esthetics of music as well as new concepts in designing and programming web sites.


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